The Chattering Tongue of the Spirit

I’ve gone to the Thai temples in Thailand and New York. The monks talk too much. Just like preachers.

I’ve gone to some yoga classes—the instructors talk too much (except one, but I forgot her name and can’t find her again).

I went to the Tibetan meditation sessions. They have meditation breaks, during which the lamas talk too much. When the lamas are not there, we watch videos of them talking.

The tantric masseuses talk too much as well. Always trying to educate. (And the one that did not talk gave a lousy massage . . . )

From what I have seen on YouTube, advaita and Hindu gurus also talk a lot—usually about stillness and quiet. And they try to sell lots of audio books. (Although I hear about gurus who don’t talk so much and are harder to find.)

The Zen monks like to post guided meditation sessions, dharma talks and other audio files all over the web. Not to mention the LGBT, addiction recovery, youth, women and other talk sessions they host.

I did find a zendo where there is no resident abbot and they stay pretty quiet. Only the chime of the bell and the whack of the stick. That’s why I go.

If I want talking, I can stay at the university.


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